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DEPO promises to make possible environmental impact on waste generated, waste gas, chemical substances and energy consumption during various products, activities and services, and to improve the overall environmental quality with specific environmental management solutions.

  • Adherence to the rules

    Ensure all the activities, products and services comply with the regulations and other requirements.

  • Efforts to reduce waste

    Reduce the formation of waste and promote zero waste and completely recoverable.

  • Pollution prevention

    Reduce the use of harmful substances, do the job of pollution control and management properly.

  • Treasure resources

    take appropriate production or pollution prevention and control technology in order to make effective use of resources.(For example, process water is recycled continuously to reduce waste of resources.)

  • Full participation

    Communicate our environmental policy to the employees and cooperative Suppliers. And integrate the concept of environmental protection into the training of employees.

  • Continuous improvement

    Promote the environmental protection activities and implement the daily operations.

  • Good communication

    Enhance communication between internal and external stakeholders.

Depo's Safety and Health Policy

To provide a safe and healthy work environment, Depo has made the following commitments:
1. Complying with regulatory laws.
2. Implementing a risk management system.
3. Maintaining and improving equipments carefully and continuously.
4. Reinforcing, through training and communication, the safety and health knowledge and skills of our employees, customers, contractors and visitors to our factories or offices.
5. Investing resources to increase the overall performance on our safety and health management system.
6. Holding various health management activities and encourage our employees to participate.