DEPO Allying ARTC for ADB Technology

Building intelligent automotive lighting to enhance competitiveness of Taiwan’s automotive industry

October 20, 2020 , Changhua News - Today marks the announcement of global automotive lamp manufacturing leader - DEPO AUTO PARTS IND. CO., LTD. (DEPO, TWSE:6605) partnering with Automotive Research and Testing Center (ARTC) in forming ADB (Adaptive Driving Beam) Alliance, which will jointly develop intelligent ADB automotive lighting and establish a new automotive lighting technology for Taiwan’s automotive industry.

DEPO who focuses on R&D and innovation, has been long cooperating with ARTC for numerous of technology development. The two organization have observed that the global automotive lighting technology is changing rapidly. Among them, the adaptive intelligent headlight (ADB) can ensure that when driving at night. In addition to illuminating the front view, the car lamp can detect the oncoming vehicle and the vehicle in front through the lamps camera, integrate the image and optical space coordinates, and then control the new LED matrix headlights to produce automatic light avoidance functions. This is to protect the oncoming vehicle or the vehicle in front from being affected by glare and causing traffic accidents and has become the mainstream of automotive lighting design in recent years. Therefore, it was decided to integrate the technology and experiences of ARTC to establish ADB Alliance. DEPO Research & Development, and it’s manufacturing competitiveness. It is believed that Taiwan’s intelligent automotive lighting industry can be established.

Mr. Hsu, the CEO of DEPO, said: “DEPO invests 5% of its annual revenue in innovation and development. Therefore, has an innovative product line, first-rate tooling speed, and flexible production capacity. With the rapid development of technologies for vehicle intelligence and improvement in safety, ADB have also become the mainstream trend of the future car lighting market. In order to enhance overall competitiveness, DEPO decided to join hands with ARTC to invest in ADB development. In the past, ARTC has always been an important partner of DEPO in R&D and innovation. For the future, we will also work with ARTC to jointly build Taiwan's intelligent automotive lighting industry and drive new momentum for the upgraded automotive industry."

Mr. Wang, the General Manager of ARTC, said: “Since ARTC establishment, we have been providing R&D innovation and knowledge services to Taiwan’s industries. This time, we have joined hands with the leading global automotive lamp manufacturer DEPO to form [ADB alliance]. To build a complete intelligent automotive lighting industry in Taiwan. Not only will the ADB technology and optical integrated control technology be transferred to DEPO, but also will we continue to cooperate with DEPO on technology research and development to enhance design and technology capabilities. Most importantly, ARTC will assist Taiwan's domestic automotive industry in adopting this technology, assist ADB Alliance members to commercialize development and enhance their competitive advantage. "

DEPO will continue to cooperate with ARTC to move towards the transformation of intelligent headlights in the future. ARTC will also gather local manufacturers to join the ADB Alliance to ensure that ADB's technical achievements can be highly localized and optimize the competitiveness of Taiwan's overall automobile industry.